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Beginning in 2002 iSG2 Technologies delivered on its design to take supply chain systems to a whole new level. Holding 20 plus years in Arcelor Mittal’s steel manufacturing organization, (formerly Inland Steel), iSG2 set out to provide systems tools and dashboards that would make transportation and warehousing systems, production and resale more flexible by design and create integration to existing ERP systems.

In 2007 iSG2 Mitsubishi Motors North America determined that there were no controls in place for procurement contracts between orders and deliverables, and no accountability or methodology for tracking this information. iSG2 Technologies delivered transformative Resale software that would put in place the systems for tracking, ordering, reporting and managing the vendors, finishers, and the steel suppliers through final delivery of product.


In 2009, the next iteration of software to join the portfolio was developed. The catalyst for this system was the notorious accelerator issue at Toyota. Again, the Japanese discovered that tracking the system components to determine the physical, dimensional, packaging characteristics were hidden or nonexistent, and there were no systems in place to manage the fundamental properties of steel through the manufacturing process. iSG2 Technologies stepped in and delivered software that would take steel procurement and Parts Management to the most detailed levels providing new visibility of all of the areas that impact parts manufacturing, management, negotiation, costing, and forecasting.


You will find iSG2 Technologies across the Tier 1 steel producers, transporters, warehouses, and manufacturers. Our gold star clients include companies like Toyota, Tenaris, Mitsubishi, IPSCO, Steel Dynamics and more.



Richard Fredrick

Andrew Britt

Andy Britt has an exceptional history in implementing Supply Chain solutions,  in a variety of industries for over 25 years, including Integrated Steel Manufacturing, Food, and Transportation industries.

Richard Fredrick has been implementing innovative Supply Chain solutions and providing IT Solutions to Fortune 100 companies for over 30 years, with a background in Integrated Steel Manufacturing, IT Services, Software Development, and Consulting.

Together Andy Britt and Richard Fredrick have solved problems in Supply Chain Management for Steel and Metals for many Gold Star organizations such as Toyota, ArcelorMittal Steel, Tenaris, Ternium, IPSCO, Mitsubishi, and many others.

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