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The Resale module allows OEMs to manage Steel Resale/Directed-Buy Programs in a very efficient manner.  It allows users to validate metals usage by comparing OEM forecasted demand “to- Stamper orders “to- metals producer shipments.  Calculations are made for material subsidies and other costs, including calculation of scrap-premium recovery amounts (in multiple currencies, if appropriate).  Some benefits of our Resale/Directed-buy module include the following:

Parts Management

  • OEM Bill Of Materials data synchronization

  • Track pricing history of individual parts

  • Capture changes to data (from/to, who, when, reason for change)

  • Part data approval processes to ensure validity of data

Scrap Recovery

  • Ability to recover scrap premiums based on actual data (important in periods of high scrap costs)

  • Increased payments from suppliers for Scrap Recovery

Yield savings

  • Better management of blank sizes (reduce waste in blanks)

  • Steel consolidation opportunities (fewer material variants)

  • Fewer issues with incorrect steel shipments

Manpower savings

  • Significantly less labor is required to administer Steel Resale programs

  • Quick and easy overview of steel supply chain dynamics

  • Purchase Order data is available for all appropriate partners to see.

  • Automated ordering

Resale Management

  • Metal usage: audit capability to the part level (Demand vs Ordered vs Shipped)

  • Subsidy calculation to the individual part level for any time period

  • Subsidy forecasts to the part level for future time periods

  • Pricing management (including pricing history, by part and steel type)

  • Report generation for US Customs

  • Automated invoicing from steel supplier

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