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2Transport®  Transportation Management Software

Our Transportation management System is built to provide users with the ability to manage metals logistics in a highly visible, flexible, and easy-to-use package.  The system provides benefits in the form of lower transportation costs, greater efficiency, transparency, and auditable/accurate logistics data. It integrates with all major ERP systems, handles all forms of metal such as coils, sheets, bars, pipe, etc., and is capable of handling all modes of transport including truck, rail, barge, and ocean-going vessels. Some of the features included in 2Transport can be found in the details below. 




  • Loads created in SAP business systems (or build in TBS)

  • Loads transmitted to TMS

  • Loads tendered to carriers using specific tendering method

  • Carrier notified of tenders via email

  • Carrier acceptance of tender and possible self schedule

  • Gate check-in

  • Loading

  • Gate check-out

  • Transit time calculations

  • Confirmation of delivery

  • Data feed back to SAP

  • Reporting and data analytics


  • Rules based load tendering by locations or by need… even by load override

  • Carrier acceptance and scheduling

  • Confirmation of delivery

  • Business intelligence and data warehousing via MS SQL tools

  • Integration into existing business systems

  • Rates maintenance

  • Lane/carrier rate inquiries for sales and service

  • Complex custom load building

  • Fright Payment

  • 2Quote for rate negotiation

  • EDI capability (204/214) for carriers

  • Rail tracking

  • Ocean vessel unloading

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